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On-site Guarding

Crimeshield Security offers deployment of security personnel in various security sectors like events, industrial parks, and buildings, among many others.

Mobile Guarding

Crimeshield offers mobile security in different sectors including our executive security and diplomatic security.

Remote Guarding

Crimeshield offers security systems including CCTV cameras, alarms, monitoring centers, video analytics, and security agents.

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Executive Protection

Crimeshield Security Limited offers comprehensive Executive Protection services to a broad spectrum of clients. From Government officials, celebrities, and Diplomats, CSSL provides you with elite Protection services by highly trained and qualified protection agents.

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Event Security

Crimeshield conducts Security Risk Analysis before an event and bespoke it to suit the client's needs. Our cost-effective deployment strategies offer operational continuity thereby reducing the risks to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP). A report is made and submitted to our clients after the event. This ensures a safe, secure, and successful event

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Industrial Security

Crimeshield Security offers a wide spectrum of residential security including Hotels, City Blocks, Housing estates, Gated Communities, and Industrial Parks among many others. We offer top tire security services to ensure you feel the utmost safety in the comfort of your home or workplace.

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Security Systems

Crimeshield offers security system installation and management. This includes security cameras, Automated security gates, security entrance systems, and security check systems among others. We often conduct checks to ensure the systems are working correctly, putting your safety first.

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Security Risk Analysis (SRA)

Our strength, commitment, diversity, and collective expertise are confident to provide our clients with professional and highly efficient security management and consulting services. We incorporate the use of cutting-edge technology specifically utilizing up-to-date software customized to mitigate threats before they occur.

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K-9 Unit Services

We offer professional and highly effective dog services and other pet-related products including veterinary services. Every member of the Crimeshield dog section is a team player offering expertise in this field.

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Active-Shooter Training

CSSL provides effective active shooter training and preparedness solutions to respond with confidence during an active shooter situation. This equips you with the knowledge to make good survival decisions if an attack occurs. The training helps you prepare for and recover from active threats and other violent incidents.

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Defensive Driving and Protective Driving

CSSL has advanced driving instructors to help you increase hazard awareness and improve your defensive driving skills. We equip you with the necessary techniques to react correctly when faced with an emergency situation. We also conduct Armored Vehicle Driving training that includes the safe handling of armored vehicles in different situations.

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Travel Security

Crimeshield Security Limited offers comprehensive travel risk management and solutions for both private and corporate sectors. We provide tools to enable you to carry out business in some of the most challenging environments.

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Crimeshield Security Limited offers investigation services concerning hazardous materials. We conduct a comprehensive investigation with a detailed report afterward on the investigation.

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Personal Security

As Crimeshield, we believe in making one least exposed in becoming a criminal target. We train your ability to be conscious of the events around you.

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First Aid/ Basic Life Support

CSSL offers first aid training classes that give you the information and skills that you need to help both adults and children during emergency situations. The training is offered both online and in person. We deliver the latest information in the best way possible.

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Private Security Training

Crimeshield Security offers top tire training services in our increasingly competitive and unstable world. Security training and awareness are essential in order for individuals to maintain control of their environment and information.